Introducing Our Staff

Our staff is composed of Professional and Graduate Engineers with diversified construction, estimating, sales, engineering, and production experiences with average tenure of over 25 years at Timberweld and in this industry. They are qualified to provide reliable information and service.

The Timberweld staff makes the difference for courtesy, competent service to engineers, architects, and contractors. Timberweld team members add value to your projects.


Timberweld Sales/Engineering
P.O. Box 21000,  Billings, MT  59104

Manufacturing, Trucking, Accounting
Columbus, MT

Timberweld Glulam Beams and Deck
Churches - Glulam Construction
Long Span, and Decorative Timberweld Trusses
Curves, Radial Beams, Trusses and Domes
Alaska Cedar Bridges and Fascia
Steel Cover Boards
Connecting Steel Hardware
Engineered Structural Shop Drawings
Laminated Wood Lock Deck
Douglas Fir Select 2x6, Long Length Deck
Nailbase Insulation
Value Engineering Assistance
Budget Pricing Assistance
Design Assistance
Jobsite Deliveries
AITC Quality
Installation Services