Exploration Place - Wichita, KS

Exploration Place Exploration Place is dedicated to providing informal, enjoyable learning experiences with extraordinary resources for exploration for people of all ages.

Exploration Place

An ambitious community dream in downtown Wichita, the Timberweld roof systems were critical for the profile of this 162 million dollar landmark.


Exploration Place

The 418 massive 78’ radial Timberweld beams, 17 truckloads, were delivered on schedule as required at the jobsite.

Precision Erection Exploration Place

With complete precision shop drawings, beam dimensions, and connecting hardware, all of the beams dropped into place as planned with minimum modifications by Erector, Jack Foster.

Exploration PlaceThe dream created by renowned international architect, Moshe Safdie was funded by generous grants from local aircraft industries and others.


Exploration Place Planning started with Timberweld staff engineers meeting in Wichita with Mark Mcafee, PE, Dudley Williams firm in Wichita and progressed with scheduling a visit by contractor Paul Dondlinger and Safdie Architect, Jim Harold, meeting in Billings, MT with Timberweld’s Structural Detailer Mary Koenig, Production, Trucking, and Engineering staff.

Exploration Place Engineer Mark Mcafee stated, “the complex geometry posed special design and shop drawing challenges because of the varying beam lengths and slopes at the bearing points.” Close coordination and planning continued with local Architect Schaeffer, Johnson, Cox, Fry, & Associates.

Design Exploration Place

The contours of the structural system with curved Timberweld beams and laminated deck provide natural wood tones for this learning and visitor environment.

The museum features a 60’ cyber-dome screen, numerous education, science, and exploration centers, meeting rooms, and a restaurant. All of these are blended together with environmentally friendly, economical laminated Douglas Fir beams and decking.

3x6 random length T & G deck was the most efficient way to span between the concave and convex curved Timberweld beams.

Teamwork Exploration Place

This was a successful team project, completed on schedule with the Erector, the Contractor, the Architect, the Engineer, and Timberweld.

Exploration Place

Exploration Place is a good name for this Wichita landmark. Visit exploration.org.

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