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Since 1957, contractors on commercial projects have relied on Timberweld’s precision shop drawings, experienced craftsmen, and quality laminated timber beams, arches, and trusses for their many projects.

Successful repeat contractor customers account for over 80% of Timberweld’s business with special appreciation for the quality of precision shop drawings and fabrication by Timberweld craftsmen. We manufacture Douglas Fir and Alaska Yellow Cedar beams, arches, and trusses that are usually shipped direct to jobsites with connecting hardware, and T & G deck.

Manufacturing, scheduling, and trucking are located in Columbus, Montana on Highway I-90 where the Stillwater River joins the Yellowstone River. The Sales office in Billings, Montana is staffed by Graduate and Professional Engineers that prepare estimates, manage projects, provide preliminary budget assistance, prepare shop drawings, and work as a team member with architects and contractors.

Timberweld History

In 1953, Timberweld was started from an idea to build laminated Douglas Fir radial beams for farm storage buildings. Since then, we have added to our plant space, purchased equipment, and expanded our structural detailing departments, so that we are one of the most complete and versatile laminators in the United States.

In 1956, we moved into our present location in Columbus, Montana, and in 1957 began our long association with the American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) as an active member and began building beams for shopping centers, churches, and office buildings in Montana, the Dakotas and the Rocky Mountain areas.

Our production leadmen with over 30 years experience are skilled in precision fabrication and quality production and take pride in every job that they do.

Timberweld Mission

Our mission is to work as a team member to make your job go smoother and your project more profitable. We are dedicated to the many successful contractors, engineers, and architects, that rely on Timberweld’s precision shop drawings, fabrication, quality products, and our commitment to service for over 50 years.

The Timberweld staff, drivers, and craftsmen are committed to being a part of the construction team to make every project a success. We believe that a good relationship with designers and contractors is essential to happy customers and successful Contractors, Architects, and Engineers.

Member of AITC

Since 1952, American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) has pioneered laminated timber research in conjunction with the Forest Products Libratory, other associations and grading agencies to develop standards relied on by Engineers, Architects, Code Agencies, and Contractors. AITC Inspectors make periodic audits of all licensed AITC active member plants. A member since 1957, Timberweld is the longest standing member of AITC. We are proud of our long association with AITC and their contribution to the laminated timber industry.

FSC Certified - The Mark of Responsible Forestry

Keeping it green, saving trees and energy and the environment is what FSC is about. The Forest Stewardship Council is a worldwide agency with high standards that are dedicated to saving rare species, rain forests, and the re-growth of world timber supply. Timberweld’s FSC authorization is renewed annually after an audit of Timberweld inventory, purchasing and sales records to assure chain of custody. Ask about FSC product availability.
Copyright - 1996 Forest Stewartship Council A.C.

Insurance and Bonding

We maintain a comprehensive insurance program that includes commercial general liability, product liability, and a liability umbrella. Our experience over the past 50 plus years in our specialty provides assurance that Timberweld will perform as agreed on their portion of the project.

Introducing Our Staff

Our staff is composed of Professional and Graduate Engineers with diversified construction, estimating, sales, engineering, and production experiences with average tenure of over 25 years at Timberweld and in this industry. They are qualified to provide reliable information and service.

The Timberweld staff makes the difference for courtesy, competent service to engineers, architects, and contractors. Timberweld team members add value to your projects.


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