The Timberweld Advantage
The Timberweld Advantage starts with having your sales contact, pre-engineering, shop drawings, manufacturing, and delivery all from the same company, “under the same roof”, with the Timberweld team.
This allows for the flexibility to make changes, solve problems, and coordinate stain colors, avoiding the hassles of communication or mis-communicating between multiple suppliers and brokers.

“Timberweld quality” comes directly from Timberweld, not from an unknown manufacturer.  Timberweld sales staff can schedule engineering, shop drawings, and production when the order is placed.  The security of accurate shop drawings and fabrication reduces the risk and contingency factors at the jobsite, making contractors glad they contracted with Timberweld.  Our full-service approach and years of experience mean no surprises.   EXPERIENCE COUNTS - from start to "finish".

Also consider the advantages of laminated timber...

FLEXIBILITY OF DESIGNFreedom to be creative. Laminated timber can easily be adapted to long span trusses, curves, domes, arches, or other shapes.
FIRE SAFETYTimberweld beams and arches exposed to flame are protected by natural char that covers the remaining wood and is resistant to heat. By comparison, steel looses strength at a much higher rate when exposed to fire. Timberweld beams can be designed to provide a one-hour fire rating.
THERMAL STABILITYTimberweld beams have a much lower thermal co-efficient of expansion and contraction than either concrete or steel.
CHEMICAL RESISTANTChemical resistant makes laminated timber a preferred use for pool covers, fertilizer or chemical storage structures and many other industrial application.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLYAlaska Cedar and Western Cedar are resistant to decay and termites, which makes them a practical alternative to the toxic effects of treated timber. Environmentally friendly laminated timbers require a fraction of the energy to produce than either steel or concrete. The basic raw materials from American Forests are renewable. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide and replenish the oxygen in the atmosphere.
APPEARANCETimberweld beams can be specified with standard AITC architectural, premium, and industrial appearance grades. Custom appearance can be provided to satisfy the customer’s taste and specifications. Beams can be textured for rustic appearance or pre-stained to bring out the warm grain and the appreciation for the security and comfort that wood has provided human instincts for centuries.
DECORATING ADVANTAGESMany designers use laminated timber to compliment other basic materials such as stone or logs. Laminated beams can be shaped or stained to create or change themes from rustic to traditional, to modern, to Southwest, to European.
ENGINEERSEngineers can design with confidence knowing that there will be less shrinkage, twisting, and cracking than with solid timber and that Timberweld beams, trusses, and arches are a reliable component of the structural system.
NATURAL INSULATIONHigher R values of wood help to avoid cold spots and heat loss. The natural insulating properties of wood and low cost make it a preferred material to save energy.
INCREASED STRENGTHWood has a high load resistance for temporary loading (impact loads), which makes it a preferred material for earthquake and high snow load areas.
SUSTAINABILITYMaximizing resources to avoid waste and resource depletion. The manufacturing of laminated timber and most timber products, dumps far less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than other man-made building products that simply add harmful pollutants into our atmosphere in their manufacturing process. Timber is a renewable resource that in the growing cycle, releases a ton of oxygen into the atmosphere for every 1.4 tons of carbon dioxide that they absorb.

Prefabricated and pre-assembled components from Timberweld save time and labor at jobsites.


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